25 May|NEWS
Memorial Day

Throughout the years, we have celebrated the memories of those who gave their lives to service our country.  These heroic acts serve as a reminder...

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10 May|TV
wcnc.com – NASCAR driver Angela Ruch has new reality show

Angela Ruch is one of the top placing female drivers in the world and the only woman in racing who has a baby! See what...

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24 April|TV
wccbcharlotte.com – Balancing career, Marriage and Motherhood: NASCAR Driver Angela Ruch Shares her Story

She recently became the only mother racing in the male-dominated sport! As one of the top placing female NASCAR drivers in the world, Angela Ruch is mastering the balancing...

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12 April|Podcast
carsyeah.com – All Things NASCAR with Angela Ruch

Angela got her start in racing at the age of 9 racing go-karts, winning local poles and races. At 15, Angela stepped into late-model race...

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27 March|Online
star-telegram.com – Big Mac Chat with Truck series driver Angela Ruch

Angela Ruch is scheduled to race on Friday night at Texas Motor Speedway in the Vankor 350 Gandor Outdoor Truck Series race. She joins Fort...

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27 March|Online
Medium.com – NASCAR driver Angela Ruch shares 5 things she wishes someone told her before she started NASCAR racing

I feel like mistakes are made to learn from, a more recent mistake that I laugh about now was when my crew chief came across...

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